Monday, 2 March 2015

Resurfacing. Finally.

As you can see from the astonishingly early blog post (before the afternoon!), I am slowly resurfacing. Our deadline for the manuscript submission has been met, even though technology conspired against us to make it as hard as possible, and there were a few last-minute decisions to make. Beast Trivia Snippet #1: When both authors of a joint project are suffering from nasty colds with plenty of side effects and too little sleep, things can be more tricky than they would ordinarily be.

While there will be some remaining stuff to sort out and clear up, and at one point in the future also the edit/proofread, things for now are much relaxed. A very, very good thing - I spent most of Saturday (the part not spent working, that is) and most of Sunday resting in deference to the nasty cold, and it finally seems to have taken the hint and is letting up. My devious plan for today is to do as little as I can possibly get away with, and I have already made much progress on that score: tea has been drunk, there was leisurely breakfast with a book, whiling away some time catching up on blogs I like to read, and petting the cat. Also: blogging with more time on my hands than these last days.

While I did not find much time to stay current with things these last days, it has not escaped me that Leonard Nimoy has passed away. I'm one of the generation that grew up with the New Enterprise, with Wesley Crusher and Captain Picard and Worf and Data, but I've seen a few of the original series too, as well as the films. Many other people have said a lot of appropriate words about Mr. Nimoy (and Mr. Spock), so I'll just post this video which, additionally, describes what I plan for today. And possibly also for part of tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.

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Cathy Raymond said...

Much sympathy. I'm trying to recover from a bad cold myself, and it's been all I could do to drag myself in to work for the past week.