Friday, 27 February 2015

Thank goodness it's Friday.

It is Friday, it is sunny, and the day has just turned even nicer than before by a completely unexpected, picture-related miracle in last minute. It totally made my day! Otherwise, our manuscript is sorted and formatted and the picture list is lined up and only needs one last joint checkup for the captions to eliminate any left-over typos... and we're good to go.

Wow. It will be weird to have the Beast transition from this stack of files on my computer to an actual book in book form that is being available to people, and being read... and I hope we've done good by it.

Once the thing is sent off, I will settle down to cure the nasty cold that has decided on the worst moment ever to pester me. It's not nice meeting a deadline when you have a cold and can't even complain properly due to lack of voice. But, as OkGo so aptly put it:

This too shall pass!

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