Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Fun.

Thank goodness it's Friday! Here are some nice things that turned up overnight on the internet:

Medieval Cookery has a rant about the assumption that medieval spices were really, really expensive.

Christopher Eccleston was the greatest Dr Who, says IO9. I totally agree, and I'm still sad he was there only for one single season. That was way too short!

There is a reason why I try very, very hard not to shop at Amazon, even if it is so damn convenient. They have just confirmed that this is a wise decision.

Finally, and on a much happier note, here's amazing news: actual soft tissues from an actual dinosaur have been found! T-Rex cloning à Jurassic Parc, anyone?


ista said...

I agree with IO9, and was really sad that he chose to leave.

Anonymous said...

The news in the UK is about 'zero-hour contracts' which demand 7 day availability but give few enough hours that employees get no employer state contribution (e.g. pension) and carers whose few hours are made up of single 15 minute periods per client when the care takes longer with nothing for travel between clients. 1/2-1 million people are on these.