Monday, 30 March 2015

Textile Forum Planning.

It's early spring, and what better time of the year than to start planning for November? We have found a date for our next European Textile Forum, and we are hoping to finish plans this week far enough so we can send out the official Call for Papers and update our website. If you are on the mailing list, you'll get anote when we have done that. (If you are not yet on the list, but would like to be - go here to subscribe.)

I'll disclose our year's focus topic for you here right now, though. It will be "Nonwoven Textiles", which includes nalebinding, braiding, felting, netting and of course knitting. So we're excited to hear what papers and presentations will be offered as soon as the CfP will be out. If you are interested in attending and presenting, you could start thinking about something right away... while we'll be planning the actual thing.

Sabine and I are beyond delight that our crazy idea from back in 2008 has developed into a conference that is going strong, and we are looking forward to having another week with fellow textile researchers, crafters, conservators spent talking, thinking, reconstructing and researching. It's a good bit of work every year to plan and prepare that conference - but when that week comes, it is stuffed with wonder and learning, and every time we lean back and say that putting in that work? It is so, so much worth it!


Harma said...

As someone who hates traveling and always messes up with something, I can only agree that it truly is worth all the work and the preparations. I've attended every time and loved it very much. And every year stands out for another reason. Last year it was the girls and the singing, the year before the extreme amount of experiments with useful data. And let's not forget the mind-blowing visit to Schnalstal. You and Sabine do a great job with this.

Phiala said...

Aaaah braiding! I can't go to Europe until I pay off my medical bills. Having cancer in the US is not cheap.