Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunshine makes bloggers forget to type a blog post title.

While I was busily writing on the Beast, Springer has been active and the Special Issue of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences is finally live. It's an issue focusing on Experimental Archaeology, and it features an article I have written about the dearly beloved and never ending spinning experiment. If you'd like to read the Editorial (for free) or have a look at the articles (paywall), the special issue is here.

More reading? Jim C. Hines is doing a guest post series on his blog, about those not mainstream in SF/F - people of colour, people of non-binary gender, people otherwise not corresponding to the privileged multitude. It really is worth reading, so head over there and take a look. (Who knows, you might end up with some new authors to try.)

Even more reading? Gillian Polack is having guest posts too, in honour of Women's History Month. Also worth taking a look - these are very personal and very interesting stories.

I, however, have done enough reading for now, and will instead sit in the sun while working. (Sewing work has to be done, and what better colour to sew today than green, when spring is coming, and the sun is shining...)

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