Friday, 20 March 2015

Gazillions of links.

I have a gazillion of browser tabs open, and that needs to change. So I'm going to give you a gazillion of links!

First of all, Franklin Habit has mashed Victorian knitting into an entirely non-Victorian baby hat that is definitely worth a look for its mohawk fringe. (Victorian, of course.)

Gamergate is still not dead - but you can auto-block them on Twitter. Here's an interesting article about that (which also explains what "sealioning" means).

If you need to insult someone, here is a much cooler way to do it (and much more long-lasting): Names for plants and creatures.

Having too much stuff in your house can be a problem - but one that you can tackle by getting rid of things you don't use anymore. Running out of storage space for archaeological finds? Much worse, and much harder to solve.

An article about recreating a Roman hairstyle is open access online at the EXARC journal.

If you are in Germany and would like to go to a creativity retreat, there is a project up on Startnext called Hand-Herz-Seele. Margit from Alte Künste (my partner-in-crime from the LonCon last year) is one of the teachers there, so you might get a chance to dye with her. The project is currently collecting "likes" to be able to start the actual funding stage.

Speaking of dyes and colours, Ask the Past tells us how to dress a child. Now that's still the proper way around there - blue for girls and pink for boys. As it should be. (Someone got it wrong some time after 1890...)

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