Thursday, 26 March 2015

Today seems uneventful. Things are back to "usual".

The cat is napping, as usual; yesterday evening was spent with friends coming over for some gaming, as usual; the study is still quite messy but I am working to reduce the mess, with limited and changing amounts of success, as usual.

There are a few different projects that I am working on, and I am again able to divide work-time between them without getting into a crunch, and if I'm efficient enough there is still time for getting some other stuff done. This includes making sure I can meet my next deadline (getting things ready for the Wollfest at Backnang, a week after Easter).

It is a really nice change to feel like things are manageable again! Even though the cat still makes me jealous with her blissful napping for hours, right beside my desk, making small content sleepy-cat noises...

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