Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer Blogging Break!

This blog is taking its summer holiday...

... blogging will resume in the middle of August. Have a nice, sunny, relaxed summer!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Summer, here I come!

It's again deliciously hot (or even slightly too hot?) outside today, I have finished sending out all the mails that had to go out, all the other stuff is mostly taken care of too - so now I just need to go pack and load the car for my trip to Kulmbach. Oh, and decide what I am going to work at while I'm there. Maybe some nice men's underwear? Or finish my apron? Or continue with the hairnet? Hmmm...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Things come in bunches.

I have long ago come to the conclusion that whether good or bad, things have a  tendency to come in bunches. Take the weather here, for example: The first half of June has been rather cool and wet, and people were complaining about the temperature and the amount of rain. Now it has been so sunny and dry for several days in a row that I actually had to take out the watering can and save a few of the plants from dying of thirst. (Now people probably complain about the heat.)
The garden, by the way, is coming along slowly. There are still plenty of empty spots in the beds, but there are also a good number of plants that are resilient and perennial or at least very efficient when it comes to producing seeds. We got a present of some Amsterdam tulips last winter from a dear friend, and those have now finished their vegetation period and producing new bulbs for the next year. There are even a few raspberry canes left scattered over a part of the garden, and I hope to re-plant these somewhere better suited in the autumn or next spring. The few plants that we bought and set into the garden - three different species of mint, lavender, sage, and Sideritis (mountain tea) - also seem to do mostly well, and I hope for a good crop of mint next year.

Work-related, it seems that I'll be able to wrap things up nicely today and tomorrow (unless a heap of new things comes in today). Then it's time to relax, and wow, I'm so looking forward to taking a breather!