Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Things that would be really helpful.

Things that would be really helpful right now:

Another week of time for finishing that article. (Has to be finished today, due to Freienfels.)
Not having hay-fever at all.
Even more time for doing a bunch of things that are fun (and also sort of necessary) but also take time - like planting out a few of the seedlings crowding the wintergarden here, and re-potting some others, and baking a cake (with rhubarb! It's rhubarb season, hooray!)
And even more more time for some much-needed putting things into order and straightening out stuff. Plus (very important) the motivation to actually do it.
An extra-fast postal service, since I'm waiting for a heap of packets, none of which have arrived yet. Which is very sad. And they include a packet with material that I hope to use for the new market stall setup/decoration... so it should better arrive before Friday morning.

And, top of the list: profound knowledge of everything that I need to know. Preferably in form of something like eidetic memory that also enables me to exactly, and faultlessly, remember where I read something. That would be so cool.

On the plus side, the installation thingie for the flowery newness is almost complete - I only need to drill three holes and pack three leather strips as ties for it. And I'm really looking forward to Freienfels!

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