Friday, 27 April 2012

He's a hero.

If you ask me, Jim C. Hines is a hero. Really.

Not only does he write awesome books that I really enjoy (that also feature kickass women), he has a blog and he uses it. But not only for the lighthearted, fun stuff (though you find that there, too) or for plugging his books, or for reviewing others' books.

He also tackles serious issues, and he does so in an amazing way. He writes about rape. About his issues with diabetes. About how words can hurt people. About his depression. About privilege, and about sexism on book covers.

So while I'm in Freienfels and thus not blogging, go read his blog.
(I'll be back to regular blogging on Friday, May 4. Star Wars day.Until then... may the force be with you.)

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