Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's cold outside!

I'm back from  a lovely easter break - we spent the weekend with my family, which included long late breakfasts, nice meals, dyeing eggs on Saturday, lovely coffee and cake in the afternoons, and almost all the family there for coffee on Monday (which made us seventeen persons).

One thing that we did not do this year, though, was a little Easter stroll outside. It was really cold and not very tempting to go for a walk, it even snowed a little bit on Sunday. True April weather - and the temperatures did show that Easter was not really late in the year this time. It's not quite as cold here, but just as grey and overcast.

Which means that now I will start doing all the stuff that needs to be done not sitting in the warm sunshine in the wintergarden, but at my regular place at my desk... and since Freienfels and thus the real start of the season will be quite, quite soon, there is plenty of stuff to do, like portion and spool some more of the gold thread, do an inventory of the rest of the wares, and get the books up to date. And once this is done, taxes have to be filed, just like every year...

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