Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's progressing.

Work in progress, with real progress: My new eyecatcher for the market stall table. It's colourful, it's nice, it's not very small but small enough to fit on the table, and it has something to do with flowers. Plus, and that's a big plus, I have managed to pick a technique that does not take ages to do, for a change in my usual procedures.
The bad news for you: I have decided not to post a picture of the work-in-progress of the new sales table embellishment (one needs something new nice to look at once in a while, right?) but only show a picture of it once it's finished. The good news for you, then, is that I have some hope that I may be able to finish it today... there's not too much work left on it.

First, however, I will have to bring the car away to get the windshield repaired - the glass still has its huge crater from when a stone hit it on the way to the IRM in Borg. And after that, the day even promises to be a very nice day, with good weather - which always means I can sit in the sun while working. Hooray!

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