Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back from the IRM.

I am back from the fair, and it was really, really nice - a lot of people I knew (and some that I had not seen for ages), and a lot of people I enjoyed to meet for the first time. We had a nice and cozy room, friendly neighbours (the three closest were two ceramics ladies, a Roman painter and a Roman knife-maker, followed by several jewellery and textiles folks), a delightfully fun evening on Saturday, and lots of interested visitors.

And now, after all the stuff that happened and the places I went during the last weeks, I am in need of a day off - which is exactly what I will be taking today. There's a dentist appointment on my calendar in a bit more than an hour, and there's a package to fetch from the post office, and the rest of the day will be spent in delightful stupor, reading a book I have read a dozen of times before and drinking tea and doing nothing, nothing at all. That, my friends, sounds like bliss to me at the moment...

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