Monday, 23 April 2012

Alles neu macht der Mai.

Blogger has finally changed its layout for everybody, including people like me who try to stick to the old layout they know well until it's not possible anymore.

Otherwise, stuff has changed layout too, in a manner of speaking: I have done my inventory check and combined this with emptying, checking and cleaning and re-filling the boxes for my goods. This was, of course, accompanied by the usual grumbling about how boxes in different sizes never fit into a larger box without trouble. Quite a few of the goods changed box shape and size, so I am looking forward (well, not really) to hunting for the box I remember containing x and then finding that x moved. (Yes, I did label the boxes to avoid as much of that as possible.)

All this shifting and sorting actually led to the workspace getting a tiny bit more organised in the process, which is a very, very good thing. So on my schedule for today: spooling the last rolls of yarn (new colour of fine plant-dyed silk!), putting even more things into even more order about here, and doing some serious (and deadlined) writing work.

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