Thursday, 12 February 2015

Totally swamped.

As this very, very late blog post might tell you, I've been swamped. I managed to finish the proofread yesterday, but I still need to transfer a good-sized portion of the corrections into the file, and well... other things have been set aside and need to be dealt with, too.

So I'll do the smart and sensible thing and will leave off blogging until next week - I'll probably be back on Tuesday.

And now back to my way-past-schedule manuscript corrections and back to the two Big Questions: Why on earth did we write that much? And why did it seem like a good idea at that time to make all these corrections?

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Harma said...

Do you ever enjoy the process of writing or do you, like me, mostly enjoy the finished result?

People always expect me to have fun whilst writing, but I hardly ever do. I do like the finished result though, at least when I'm past looking for all the mistakes (and that is the moment I often find them ;^) )