Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sunshine! More reading!

There are three things that make proofreading much nicer to do: tea, chocolate, and sunshine. While I can make sure to get ample of the first two of these, sunshine is harder to control - so I'm absolutely delighted that the sun is actually shining today, and as soon as my stint at the computer will be finished (transferring those edits and corrections to the file itself), I'll sit down in the winter garden and enjoy some sun, light, and warmth while working.

There's not much else, news-wise, at the moment. Proofing is always slow work, and I have to do it in small batches and take frequent breaks to make sure that I'm fully concentrated so that I can catch as much of the issues as possible.

And with that, I will leave you to your regulary scheduled rest-of-day... while I will go read some more. The sooner I'll be finished with that, the sooner I'll be able to spend more time on the next project that has come up, which is also book-related, and which I'll tell you more about as soon as it comes out of its wonky very early stage.

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