Monday, 2 February 2015

More book work.

I'm taking a break from going through the book draft, lovingly copyedited by my colleague over the last few days. It really is amazing how many inconsistencies and typos can slip through, even if you are trying for consistency and trying to have a typo-free text.

I don't have many more pages to go, though - and then, after a short break, I will go into the next stage: printing out the manuscript and giving it a good, nice, on-paper read. Some things just can't be done on a screen, and proofreading your own long text definitely is one of them.

The cat, meanwhile, is lying on her bed beside my desk and is snoring, and occasionally she's making small funny sleepy-cat noises. She's also taking great care of sleeping a similar amount of time on her left side and her right side, though sometimes she gets stuck in the transition and sleeps in a weirdly twisted s-shape for a while.

No rest for me, though - coffee instead! And about 40 more pages before I can go do something else for a bit...

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