Monday, 28 April 2014

Winter! In spring!

Just for your information, it's the middle of Winter here, or more like Winter almost at its end. Huh, you say, hasn't she been going on about spring and warmth and stuff for weeks? That's true. And I'm not speaking of the seasonal white-stuff-is-lying-around-outside winter... I'm speaking of the Living History Folks' special "Winter".

You know the oldest and most common joke of LH people, right? "Ah, I'll fix that in the winter". Said "winter" often turns out to be the one week before the first event of the next season - which means someone saying "I will do that in the winter" sometimes gets to hear "And what else have you planned for that week?"

So, season's start is on Thursday, and I will be there. Which means I have less than three days to finish sorting my clothes, restocking my basket of goods, figuring out what to pack, and (most important) take care of all the deadlined and urgent things that are not yet taken care of.

One of these, by the way, is my (still not successful) attempt to source a thread in tabby, 10 threads per cm, white and undyed or naturally grey, not fulled, in garment weight. It would be perfect (I know I am being unreasonable with that) if it were made from high-twist single yarns that are not Merino wool... but I will settle for a cloth that is not perfect. It seems to be almost impossibly difficult to find such a cloth. (If you know of a source, please let me know.)

Well. Off to work, then... Winter's almost over, after all.

(This post should have gone online yesterday, but somehow got stuck as a draft. I'm sorry.)

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Jennifer Hansen said...

As a member of the SCA this 'winter' post hits home on so many levels.

Thanks for the good laugh while I repair my bliaut before my next event.