Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Printed cloth, medieval.

When I'm not bursting with my own ideas to blog about, I usually take a look at the blogs I follow - only that they seem to be in spring quiet (spring tiredness?), too!

There's one very interesting post about printing designs on cloth in the 14th century, though. The text is German, but you can look at the pictures (there are plenty) over here.

Otherwise, not much new hereabouts - spring is going on, work is still piled high, stuff is happening albeit not fast enough. I think I might add a second cool superpower to my wishlist - writing really good papers in an incredibly short time, and possibly several of them parallel. (The first one on my list, in case you want to know, is being able to read, understand and speak every language there is.)

Any more suggestions for really cool and useful superpowers, while I'm making that list?


Lena said...

Thanks for the link - it was really interesting. Of course, now I want to print an entire dress!

Superpower choice: teleportation. Never miss a cool exhibition, cut your commuting time to a minimum, meet up friends from all over the world and not having to worry whether you can afford the travel costs.

Sophia said...

First of all: thank you very much for linking our article about printing on textiles for the 14th century! It was only a trial but definitly with the potential for more!

And yes, our texts are only german at the moment, but I'd like to invite everyone interested in english information on the topics to leave a comment, and we'll try to provide it!

Best regards,