Thursday, 24 April 2014

Things going on.

I have actually and for a change managed to leave the library with less books than I came there with - which is very, very good as it marks something like progress.

There's still plenty of work left to do, though, both sewing work (I have to finish the last piece for the museum project) and writing work. Writing-wise, apart from the book project which is currently cooking on low flame as we're waiting to hear back from a publishing house, there are several papers in line: one to be finished once I get it back from the collaborating author; one to be translated and tweaked to finish; and one to be written. Number one, by the way, is for the next volume of the Textile Forum proceedings. Yay!

And then there's the usual stuff to be handled: Preparation for the summer season (checking the inventory, packing up, checking and last-minute-repairing of things, and so on). Trying to get the study back into something that, with bad lighting and half-closed eyes and possibly some helpful intoxication, can be regarded as a semblance of order. Oh, and tax time is coming up too. Plus there's some knitting stuff going on (there was a lag caused by the need for some more test-knitting, but I think I am about past the maths-and-thinking stage now, too).

So no chance for boredom, as you see... plus tomorrow is the Day of Birthdays! (April 25 seems to be a good day for having a birthday. I know three people already who celebrate on that day...)

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