Thursday, 3 April 2014

Random stuff on Thursday.

Some bird relieved itself against the window of the study... resulting in a long and enthusiastically white diagonal across the glass. Well done, bird. NOT.

Otherwise, I am sneezing (thanks to nature exploding around here). The willows are budding, and I will probably not get peaches this year - the peach tree is making leaves, but no blossoms. I will survive. And I will make sure to tell the peach tree it's supposed to make peaches next year, or else. (Worked with the strawberries a few years ago, it did!)

If you were thinking about getting the early modern Austrian tailoring books via Kickstarter, you have about 9 hours left to pledge.

Finally, just in case you are interested in my plans for today: putting together the documentation for the garments I made, taking a few last photos for my own documentary purposes, and packing it all up to send it off. Squeee! (I'm a little torn between wanting to keep the beautiful clothes and being happy to have it off my hands at last, but it's made much easier by the fact that a) I know where I can get the stuff these garments are made off and b) the woman's clothes won't fit me anyway.)

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