Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Stuff on the Intarwebz!

First of all, thanks to a hint from Gillian, here's a link to Palgrave McMillan, who are making their journals - all of their journals - free access during the whole of March.

Also online, with free access, is the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, 1977-2005. (That site might yield other interesting stuff too - I haven't dug around yet.)

Also online: Codex Falkensteiniensis, dated to 1166-1196 (with a few later arms depictions strewn in). It includes a pic of someone fishing out of the window.

For those of you who are still here after that, said Gillian is doing a series of guest blog posts for Women's History Month. I did enjoy today's post - very interesting woman.

And Amalie has tried to trace warp transition in tablet weaving - unsuccessfully (yet).

That's it. If you are still here... I have nothing more for you. Come back tomorrow ; )

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