Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Medieval Calendar. And books.

Since it's very much March, and I am very much in need of some tea and some sewing time, here's your link of the day: A Calendar Page for March.

Also for those of you wishing to be tempted to buy some books - I have restocked the "Ancient Textiles, Modern Science" in my webshop, and they brought some friends, too. Take a look here...

And now I shall go and cut a lovely purple gore, or two, so that the lovely purple tunic becomes a bit more like a tunic!


Karen Nicholson said...

I own "Ancient Textiles, Modern Science" and read it cover to cover. Congratulations on a book packed with great information! Someday I hope to have the ability to come to a Textile Forum.

a stitch in time said...

Thank you Karen - I am delighted to hear that! Our next Forum is in November 2014, maybe that is a good date for you?