Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It's dead, Jim.

I was all set, yesterday, for finishing the woman's overgarment before ending my day... and then my current favourite needle broke. To be more precise, it's eye broke. (I'm always tempted to write "ear" of the needle, since the German word for the needle's eye, "Öhr", is close to the German word for ear, "Ohr".) I took that for a sign, heaved a sigh, and got some chocolate.

Over time, I've killed quite a few needles - they have a limited life-span, after all. I had the classic broken needle (shaft snapping in two), I also had needles bent so badly that I did not really like working with them anymore, but I think this is about the first time the end of the eye snapped off.

Over time, I've also learned that what my favourite needle is depends on the fabric I'm working with, the thread I'm using, and my current state of mind. Quite a few of my needles had that position for a while, and it's also quite possible for them to re-gain it one day.

Fortunately, I have found another needle quite like the one that broke in my stash. (Needle stash. Good thing. Good thing.) The surcot is almost done... whew.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing. I've had sewing machine needles break, but never a hand sewing needle!

I've also used knitting needles so much that the tips get worn down. I still use them though, I can't seem to find needles I like as well.

Anonymous said...

I've had the eyes of darning needles break, but then that's my own fault for using plastic ones. Partly pulling the wool too hard, partly because the eye is where the moulded join on them was.


Panth said...

I break needles a fair bit. However, my usual way of 'killing' them is using them until the shiny surface-layer wears off. I generally chuck them then as they stick in the fabric instead of sliding through.