Friday, 14 March 2014

Basting while basking.

We still have gloriously wonderful weather, and though that also means I'm sniffling a lot, (thank-you-hay-fever...NOT), I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the time allotted for sewing (which was most of the day, basically, to get things back on track where they are supposed to be) not exactly sewing, but basting. You know, those temporary stitches?

Turns out that the seam construction I chose for the lady's surcot works really well, but in order to have the fabric layers of the outer fabric and the lining lie nice and flat on each other, they need basting. Extensive basting. So that's what I did. For today, I still have one piece left to baste, left side of the lining, right side of the lining, left side of the upper fabric, right side of the upper fabric. (Yes, I tried using less baste lines. No, it won't work as well.) The upside of it - I got to bask in the sun while I was doing it.

And the worst bit about that surcot? I am totally in love with that gorgeous splendid brilliant blue, and the contrast it forms with the orange lining, and it feels so nice and squishy and warm that I totally want to keep it. Good thing it won't fit me. Still... this is going to be hard to let go.

Pics soon. Promise.

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