Thursday, 27 March 2014

Isn't it Friday yet?

I'm simultaneously wishing it were Friday and wishing it were Tuesday - I am really looking forward to having a nice weekend and a bit of time off, but there's also still a lot to do, with too little time, as usual.

While I am trying to decide whether I would prefer it to be earlier or later this week, here are some links for you that you hopefully find interesting:

The Yarn Harlot writes about the importance of blocking. (For the non-knitters among you, that's finishing a completely knitted piece so it looks its best.)

On a similar note, here's a piece about why fabrics shrink when they get wet. It seems to mostly be about cotton, and the pdf linked in the post does not mention different materials (or material at all), but it might still be interesting.

Kristina asks who needs an osteologist. (Hint: If you are going to say stuff about bones, ask  someone who knows their way around them first.)

There's an exhibition about Tudor and Stuart clothing as shown in portraiture, in Edinburg. It will run until July 20.

And for those of you who read German, Archaeologik has an article about archaeological publications and censoring due to political reasons.

That's it for today... see you tomorrow, on the real Friday. (Can't wait. Oh no, wait, Friday already? Can I have Wednesday instead, please?)


CardinalKat said...

Kati, Can't help but ask if you mean "censoring" due to political pressure, as in deleting text, or "censuring," as in disapproval...

a stitch in time said...

It was supposed to be censoring - thank you! I fixed the typo...