Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Today's random thoughts.

The rain has stopped. Thank goodness! Now I'm hoping we will actually see a bit of sunshine today, that would be really, really nice. Also my little half-drowned tomato plants will probably love to dry off for a change. As will about everything else.

Book-keeping is a nuisance, especially when you have to check how to file things... which can easily take much, much longer than expected. (Yes, I know, that's a TYCO.)

There are several partly-filled spindles lying on my desk, and I have no idea what to do with the stuff. Most of it is just little bits, but some are at least enough to ply them up... so the plied yarn can then hang out with all the other small bits.

My desk, by the way, needs tidying. Again. I wonder who always drops all that stuff onto my desk?

Not only the desk needs attention, though - I will need to clear half the room this week, it's getting a new window. Yay! (I think. I'm not yet sure I will like the clearing part, nor the cleaning-up part, nor the putting-stuff-back-into-the-window-end-of-the-room part. Also? There's a bookshelf rather close to the window. I will have to ask the window guys how much space they need.)

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