Monday, 10 June 2013

Hello Monday!

I had a lovely (and sunny!) weekend, which was ended this morning by someone four-footed and furry purring, very loudly, into my ear. Which means something along the line of "Get up, lazy human, it's time to give me treats!" Being a good human, this is just what I did.

Last week's first try at using the pomodoro technique was interesting and, actually, quite successful, so I will be keeping on with that. I did appreciate the breaks much, much more (especially the lunch break, being longer than the long pomodoro breaks), and it made me realise how much time is spent by all those just-a-minute-breaks inbetween, reading just one post on facebook or taking just one look at this or that. So. If it continues in that line, I will be very content.

There's one modification that I had from the start, though: The original technique wants you to concentrate on one task during the pomo, from start to finish. My goal is just to work through the whole time, no distracting myself with something else, no taking illegitimate breaks inbetween - but switching tasks is allowed, as is finishing one and picking the next one. (No long thinking about which one to pick, though - it's a ten-second-thing, ideally.) That does seem to suit me, and work for me, so I'm very happy to venture on in this trial of the technique.

On the list for this week, by the way, is some more Forum work - it's time to look into all the offers we have and do a first draft of the programme...

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