Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Last-minute preparation.

My list is written, the inventory is up to date, I have refilled and restocked what needed refilling and restocking, all the washing has been done (dirty tablecloths result when you use them for sorting fleece), and I have sewn a new headcloth to replace my old one which, after a few years of wearing, has given out in the place I usually wore at the forehead. I have five (smallish) sacks of wool for sale, my embroidery basket is all sorted out and cleaned, my sunhat is waiting to get some use, and I'm looking forward to a few nice days with doing textile stuff in the sun (or in the shade).

Now all that remains is taking care of some more odds and ends, including printing out some stuff, and then packing the car - which I will probably do tonight, as it's really, really hot outside these days. (So hot that our cat preferred to spend the night outside and sleeps in the cool inside during the day and most of the evening.)

It's nice that summer has come, though - and I absolutely enjoy having some strawberries out of our own garden!

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