Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More stuff.

As of yesterday, I am proud owner of a wool picker and a spindle wheel - both are old tools, and both will need a bit of work to get them into proper workhorse state again.

More things that need work are lying in great stacks here on my desk or are ganging together on my to-do list, leaving me slightly fazed (especially since there's a vacation coming up). Well.

The online shop, at least, is being tested now and it looks quite functional; I only have the links left to do to hook it up to the blog and the webpages, and bar any catastrophies it will go on line this afternoon. (Which is not so perfect timing, getting the online shop on now, with said vacation coming up - which means I will not be able to ship things during the first two weeks of August. I'm sorry for that, but I will not wait with getting it online until I am back, I'm so happy to get this running and out of my hair for a while.)

So... expect some changes to the website and a new link to the shop coming up both there and in the blog sometime today!

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