Monday, 11 July 2011

Even more conferences.

Either I'm getting told about more of them, or this year is especially conference-heavy... no matter which of this is the case, here's another conference call blog entry for you.

Aarhus University of Denmark celebrates 40 years of Medieval Archaeology with a conference 26 to 28 October 2011, and you can find info and the conference programme on their conference website here. The conference will be in English, so no need to speak or understand Danish really well.

Another conference in October is the annual EXAR conference, this year taking place in Schleswig, northern Germany. You can find information on the webpage; the conference is from 13th to 16th of October, and it includes an optional excursion to Nydam (to see the Nydam ship). Deadline for registration is the 15th of July - still a few days left! -, and if you are interested in giving a paper, there seem to be still a few paper opportunities left. If you are not speaking or understanding German, please be aware that though the official languages of the conference are both English and German, the years when I attended the conference consisted mostly of German-language presentations.

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