Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Call for Papers - Costume Colloquium III: Past Dress – Future Fashion

The Costume Colloquium III will take place in Florence, November 8-11, 2012.

The organizers and Advisory Committee of Costume Colloquium III: Past Dress – Future Fashion are currently seeking papers on unpublished research, new creations and/or practical experience, relating to the Topics of Interest below.  We welcome proposals from: scholars, educators and museum specialists, students, makers and marketers of wearable art, conservators, re-enactors and other clothing enthusiasts worldwide in order to create a symposium that is inclusive in an international, inter-cultural and interdisciplinary nature.

Topics of Interest:

I.  The remaking or recreating dress from the past: yesterday and today
II.  Patterns from the past and the fashions of today: which aspects of a certain historic past?
III. The past relived through dress:
    - in institutional collections (public and private)
    - in a social context (pageantry, parades and historical
    - in didactic experiences (fashion and design course and schools)
IV. The vintage phenomenon and recycling of styles
V.  Conservation, restoration and the presentation of collections: new tendencies and innovative methods
VI.  Fashion documents and archives
VII. Dress collecting: goals and accessibility
VIII. Information regarding costumes and dress accessories

It does sound like an interesting conference - and I'm definitely thinking about sending in a paper proposal. If you are interested as well, you can find more information about the conference (including the rest of the CfP and submission guidelines) on the conference webpage.

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