Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's alive! Alive!

As of yesterday, the online shop is finally gone live. You can find it under

It actually feels a little weird to have it all out and about now, since I've been working on that project for so long now. I can now walk up to my to-do-list blackboard, brandish a rag, and wipe off the entry in the long-term project column titled "Laden". Yes, that is how it was called on my list... and then there's only four other items left in that column.

The online shop, taken all together, probably cost me around three work weeks to find, learn, implement, get all the texts written, all the items photographed and their descriptions written up, the templates tweaked and the menus made, and so on and so on. There's a few things not yet in the shop (that will be added in the second half of August), and a few things are currently out of stock, like the spindle whorls, that will also return about that time.

So here's to the new shop - may it do what it is supposed to do without glitches, and may it benefit you and me!

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