Friday, 29 July 2011

Conference Info.

Via the MEDTC list, I have received this info about a conference:

Anglo-Saxon England and the Visual Imagination
Madison, WI
31 July – 5 August 2011

The programme seems to have a light smattering of textile-related topics.

And for those of you more into experimental archaeology, there is a conference in York next January, with the call for papers still open until August 15. The conference is Friday Jan 6 (and judging from the website, Saturday Jan 7 as well), and you can find a little more info plus the contact addresses on their website. I'm thinking about going, but haven't decided yet.


Harma said...

You do make me jealous with all those postings on conferences. Yesterday I felt an urge to serve a big bowl of tomato parts, just like Erna made last year and last night I dreamed I was at the Forum with my son.

a stitch in time said...

Ah, don't get jealous too soon. I don't go to a fraction of all the conferences that I post calls or reminders to - I just pass on the information.

Oh, Erna's food... I'm also still thinking of it. And I'll sorely miss the Forum this year.