Thursday, 27 August 2015

Currently in the works...

I've been taking gazillions of photos recently, using my new softbox and lighting equipment. Most of the photos taken will be deleted again - what I'm trying to capture is not always cooperative, and thus I take five or ten pictures, and then five or ten from another angle, and then another five or ten for one that I will actually need.

Are you wondering what I'm shooting at?

It's this:

Pictures for the instructions for the fleur-de-lis embroidery kit.
Goldwork is hard to photograph, because you need enough light, but not too much light so things are clear to see and yet the gold does not dazzle. Since the details I want to show are fairly small, that means a rather shallow depth of field even with good light - which explains the blurry fingers.

I'm confident that I should have all the photos needed to explain the ins and outs of the process now, though - I only need to sort through them, trim the pictures I will use, and finish writing the instructions in both German and English. And, of course, finish working this final prototype and put together the actual kits. They should be finished in time for the fair in Weikersheim!

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