Friday, 28 August 2015

Book things.

There's a slew of books out that you might want to know about... so here you go:

The last NESAT conference papers have been published recently, and are now available. Here's the book data:
K. Grömer and F. Pritchard (eds.) 2015: Aspects of the Design, Production and Use of Textiles and Clothing from the Bronze Age to the Early Modern Era. NESAT XII. The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles, 21st – 24th May 2014 in Hallstatt, Austria. Archaeolingua Main Series 33. Budapest 2015.
It costs 64 € plus s+h, and you can order it directly from the publisher, here.

Also out, and available: the kickstartered book "Drei Schnittbücher". It's taken a while for the wo ladies to get this all done, and I can absolutely understand - a book like that is a huge project, and it was totally worth the wait. If you've missed the Kickstarter and are wondering what I'm talking about, here's the link. (Also, you can buy the book directly from the printer, here. Or order it via the Big River Store, which I will not link to. Or, since it has an ISBN, probably also via your brick-and-mortar store of choice. Support (indie) booksellers!)

For those of you itching to read more about textiles from buildings, there's a slim volume out by
Beatrix Nutz, Irene Tomedi, Armin Torggler, Penelope W. Rogers: Gerüstlöcher als Tresore für archäologische Textilen. Fori pontai come casseforti di stoffe archeologiche.
Schriftenreihe Landesmuseum Schloss Tirol, Heft 6, 2015. 
It's in German and Italian and contains background information about the textiles found in Schloss Tirol, including lovely pictures of the surviving fragments, some of them still brightly coloured. You can see the table of contents here. You will need to email the institute in Innsbruck to order it: ur-fruehgeschichte[AT] Price is 20 € plus s+h.

And in case your own life feels like a book - here's a list of things that might let you know your life is a novel by Chrétien de Troyes.

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Anonymous said...

The link to the table of contents on the book on the textiles of Schloss Tirol is wrong. You get the contents of a different volume!