Friday, 19 June 2015

Things I'm currently working on...

While the cat is sleeping right next to my feet, curled up and sometimes purring loudly, I'm doing things. Lots of them. A brief overview of what happened yesterday and today?

One of the things was sorting my way through a huge stack of paperwork (there's still some more left to go through and sort into appropriate folders, but it was a very good start). Running a business is a huge stack of paperwork on top of the normal, daily-life, everyone-has-it paperwork, and from time to time that needs to be properly sorted out and re-organised into appropriately labeled folders and binders and things.

There were also some emails to look into getting things made, or re-stocked - results of these will hopefully come in the middle future. (I've long since learned that these things take time. In some instances lots of time.)

Gillian and I have written up a stack of guest posts for our blogtour to promote The Middle Ages Unlocked, aka The Beast, and we're looking forward to see where they will end up. We had a lot of fun doing a kind of interview with each other - it really is amazing how differently two people will see and think about something they've been working on together for several years!

I'm also in the process of finishing up a paper about spinning; two fellow textile nerds have graciously agreed to give it a proof-read, so I'll get some feedback on the contents and hope to have it all done and dealt with soon. Meanwhile I'll have to beat the pictures and the references into shape.

Plus some editing work, some drafting, a lot of looking at picture websites (for the spinning paper), some cuddling the cat, some computer maintenance, some getting the book-keeping up to date (again...) and some getting things ordered via the webshop ready to send off. And shooting a gratuitous cat picture. Because it's Friday...

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