Monday, 29 June 2015

Archaeology News.

There's been a Bronze Age find, with residues of food (which is really, really special) in Cambridgeshire.

In sadder news, the C14 lab closest to my home, situated in the Physics Institute Erlangen, is closing down this summer, after twenty years. They don't say why they will close down, but Mathias' blog Schauhuette hints that it's due to budget cuts.

Finally, though a little older news already: The remains of a medieval knight whose skeleton shows damage consistent with jousting injuries.

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Cathy Raymond said...

Sorry to hear about the lab's closing. I understand needing to stay within budget, but it strikes me as disturbing that despite impressive gains in how much information about the past it can recover, archaeology and the sciences that serve it still aren't getting the recognition they deserve. It's as though humanity is turning its back on history, and that disturbs me on a deep level.