Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Today is one of these days where I got sidetracked by stuff - in this case, learning some more about the functions of my book-keeping programme. There are definitely new possibilities to do things that will make this part of work easier and quicker in the future, but it ended up eating most of my morning (or at least most of it).

So, before I go to frantically do all the things I wanted to have done before noon (such as drafting blog posts for the blog tour, and finishing a paper that is due, and finalising the English version of the spinning instructions, and hanging up the washing), here's a link for you:

A fully dressed noblewoman from the 17th century was found in France.

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Cathy Raymond said...

Fascinating! It would have been more fun if the noblewoman had been dressed in finery and not like a nun, but it's still going to be an educational find. Thanks for the link.