Tuesday, 11 February 2014

This hasn't happened for a long time.

Sorry for the very belated blog post today - after settling down for the workweek yesterday, I seem to have developed some weird sudden muscle supertension with accompanying stuffy-brain syndrome that apparently still had part of my brain in its thralls today. The part that was supposed to remember to blog, for instance.

To make bad things even worse, I don't really have much to blog about today, since I had to take part of yesterday off to regenerate a bit. There's the same old, same old projects lying around on the desk. Though life, currently, has been spiced up by more discussions about pricing of things... people asking me how much to charge for their (textile) work. Fun times!

And the same old projects won't all lie for long, now. My one outline and quote is ready to be sent off tomorrow, after one final check, and the other one needs a phone call or two more but is not far behind. And then these two time-critical things are dealt with, and I can turn back towards all the other work to be done. Yay!

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