Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring is coming.

The sun is shining outside, and while it's still cool in the morning, it gets warm soon. How wonderful to sit in the sun with some coffee and some pleasant work, and do things!

Before I get to go sit in the sun, though, there are a few books that want my attention. Tea and computer, thus, for now; coffee and sun and comfy chair and sewing stuff, later.

Also? Meet the newly finished hood, made from plant-dyed wool cloth, sewn with linen thread, cut in 14th century style:

Just a detail for now, since the blog refuses to upload the other pics. But hey, you'll get your gratuitous cat pic tomorrow, then!


Panth said...

Is that a regular running stitched seam felled to one side with whip stitches? Or is it a lapped seam that is felled? *curious*

Cathy Raymond said...

What plant dye was used on the hood? It's a lovely color.