Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tea, anyone?

I'm sitting here with a nice cup of tea, a sleeping cat beside me, and a stack of (library) books to go through for several different projects. The quote I was still busy with yesterday is sent off, and I have a list of questions for the other one, so there's progress on that front.

There's also progress on the sewing - I have tested button sizes and decided on one, and the dress needs one more short fitting session to check and do some last markings if necessary, and then it's down to making the actual seams and hems to replace the current basting. Oh, and button-making, of course.

(If you are curious about how I make cloth buttons, I've made a post about that before - the last time I was making a bunch of them for a museum dress.)

I'm looking forward to the button-making. The thought alone of a little stack of little beautifully red cloth squares, sitting on a table waiting to be stitched, linen thread and wax lying ready beside the needle... it makes my fingers itch. Buttons... buttons are fun.


Panth said...

I never said before, but thank you for posting that button-making tutorial. It is the one I always use, and I find it far superior (and less wasteful) than the other method commonly seen on the internet, which starts with a circle of fabric. I find your method gets a far smaller button for a given thickness of fabric AND is less wasteful of fabric.

a stitch in time said...

I'm glad you find it helpful, Panth! I'm still trying to tweak the method to get a perfectly round button every time, not a squarish one sometimes, with less fiddling around - and I will give you an updated video should I manage to find a way.