Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Who knew those ancient guys are hipsters?

There has been a project recently dressing up ancient statues in modern garments. A photographer and a photo retoucher took some liberties with statues of classical guys and gals, dressing them up (including sunglasses, you're never too old to be cool) and documenting their total kickass modern hipsterness.

It's too cool for words. Go have a look at Léo Caillard's site (that's the photographer), where you can see all the hipstery goodness yourself.

Edit: As Panth rightly comments, the statues were not physically dressed up - it was a photo and photo retouching/shopping action (my wording was a bit ambiguous).

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Panth said...

Actually, they photoed the statues as they are. They then took modern people of a similar build, dressed them as you see and posed them to match the statues before photgraphing them. Photoshop wizardry combined the two images.

So, it's even better as there were definitively no statues harmed whilst making the art.