Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Random bits and bobs.

Yesterday's post was the 945th post in this blog, can you believe it? I am already waiting for the day I totally miss posting for the one thousandth time, just like I usually miss my blogiversary. (That's on December 8, by the way.)

Today is the day I finally managed to carry my computer, my coffee and myself into the wintergarden for the morning, when it's still nice and cool and I can enjoy lots of fresh air. And fiddle with where I am seated in order to get wlan stable enough to actually do work. Guess what? Today is also the day some company is doing construction-esque work in the neighbourhood... right outside our garden. With noises.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. That's not Friday, by a long while. (Yes, that was really random, and not very informative - you all knew that anyway. But it makes such a nice sequence with the two previous bits.)

And now for something completely different: Here's an article about weird languages. Well, if you had asked me, I'd have said that every language is weird in its own way... but it looks like there's a definition that gets you weird and not-really-weird ones.

Speaking of weird, a while ago I posted about the WEIRD bias in social studies; someone kindly sent me a follow-up graphic that you can find here.

That's today's random bits and bobs!

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