Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blog Summer Hiatus!

I'm in the sprint to the finish line - I will be away for some work stuff, and then I will have a nice little summer break, so (as usual before a break) the chunk of things on my to-do list to actually do before I don't do stuff for a while has grown to a frightening size. And it's deadlined stuff, too, nothing that can wait until I come back.

This is partly because it's just what happens, and partly because while I did some semi-careful planning, some things have been shifted about on short notice, and some things were delayed in the different phases of planning before now, so my available time for doing things before not doing things for a while... has actually shrunk.

Which means that I am going to nix my plans of blogging for you until right before my actual break, and maybe even writing and scheduling a few blogposts to make the blog hiatus a little shorter. I will do exactly the contrary: I'll call the hiatus in early, starting now. Sorry - but I'm sure you will have important summer things to do, too, and won't even miss me much.

The blog will be back to its regular schedule of posts on August 14. Until then, I wish you a wonderful summer with just the right amounts and the right timing of sun, rain, breeze, coffee, cake, ice cream and lakes or rivers for bathing and frolicking!

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