Monday, 1 July 2013

It's July already!

You wouldn't have thought it was summer on the Saturday - all the day was very grey, dull, and rainy. Sunday, fortunately, was much better and made the weekend a very nice one over all.

It's still obvious, though, that every plant this year (at least every outdoor plant) is about one month later than normal. We still do not have any tomatoes worth mentioning - the small fruits already hanging on the plants are still very green and far from being ripe. But I do hope that we'll be able to eat some before the end of this month!

The hairnet is coming along nicely as well, but will need a few hours' more work before it is finished. Even if work goes very smoothly and each single knot only takes a few seconds to make - such a net has a lot of knots, and thus eats up work time and thread like crazy. And today, there is a bunch of other stuff on my list of things to do, so I will probably not get around to much netting. (Among the things on the list are small repair jobs for the market and fair equipment - a missing peg, a torn-off band, and some stuff to check and put away into its correct place.)

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