Monday, 25 March 2013

Oh my goodness.

Languages can be a lot of fun, and so can translation. Especially when you translate into a direction not very common - such as from modern German into Middle High German. Or from modern English into Middle English.

Enter Chaucer, stage center. Well, probably not the original one, but the one that blogs. I stumbled across that blog ages ago, but I will freely confess I never followed it - my modern English reading skills are fine, but old English in longer texts... it exhausts me.

However, Chaucer also doth tweet. Which is nice, because what he posts is both short (so quite easy to read) and also totally hilarious. If you have twitter, go follow him. And yesterday when I checked the feed, I found this gem:

Bye, bye, English Jakke of Dover. Which is the text of Bye, bye, Miss American Pie translated into Middle English. This. This is what knowledge of Middle English is for. Right?

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