Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ah. Something colourful has been done.

There's a (small, but existent) stack of colourfully printed paper on my desk. Most of the sheets are obsolete now, though - and I will dump them, with a little bit of ceremony, into my wastepaper basket later on.

These last days, I've been working on a new information leaflet for the workshop programme that Sabine, David and myself are offering, for joint venture information in the future. The leaflet evolved from incorporating a few nice ideas but being unfortunately quite ugly (in retrospective) to looking really, really nice and offering plenty of information - largely to mostly due to the help of a friend.

I have learned several things during the course of making this, among them why layouting programmes make it possible to snap items to a grid; that more reference lines are better than fewer reference lines until you pass that point where it's too many reference lines and you do not know which one was for which purpose; that the first idea is not always the best one when doing layout work; and that someone who has actually learned the craft sees the problems, and the possible solutions, much faster than someone just dabbling (yes, I know, that's a thank-you-Captain-Obvious).

Now I only have to wrap it all up and get it to the printer. Yay! And then? On to the next adventures.

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