Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tools, anyone?

Since I've been working with tools now, it's very fitting that Gillian shared this lovely bit of knowledge with me: the publication of the Maestermyr tool chest is available online. It's the full publication from the 1980s, in English, so it includes the full catalogue.

The site it's hosted on is some kind of e-library, though I could not figure out whether it's a private or an institutional one.

If you would prefer today to test your knowledge on experimental archaeology, you can go here and try to solve a crossword puzzle about the topic. I did not manage to do it without some cheating, but my excuse is that I'm not in the UK or US and thus do not know the masters there... and I'm a textile person, anyways. Best excuse ever.

Speaking of textile person: the cross-and-post tabletweaving thingie is finished. It could do with some more neatening at a few places, but it's done, it's functional, and it comes fully apart. Yay. Plus I now know how to do mortises. This was the mortise-practice-piece for the spinning wheel parts that need mortises, after all.

Here's the thingie - the weave is just clamped to the posts for now, but I will wind it on properly for working with it.

The wheel is also coming along, slowly but steadily - on today's agenda is to saw and construct the jig for the wheel rim and the jig for drilling the leg holes for the stand.

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