Friday, 22 June 2012

Nothing exciting, for a change...

I have done some more spinning on the Great Wheel (because I can, and because it's fun, and because it's set up for a little spinning video to be made one of these days), some more carding (now I know two totally different but both functioning techniques for carding wool, and trying to find out which one suits me better) and the usual paperwork stuff besides.

Spinning time is limited by the amount of spinning my arms can take. They have not yet completely recovered from Saturday night, which is not helped by me going at it again and again. But hey, I'm having fun, it counts as training, and I so enjoy having a smoothly running spindle wheel! All this has brought me to think that I should do a test - use pre-prepared wool rolags or top and try spinning normal type and thickness thread for an hour each on the spindle, my two treadle wheels and the Great Wheel and see how the three compare. That's not going to happen during the next two weeks though - before I do that comparison, I will have to get better acquainted with my newer treadle wheel and be sure I can do one hour non-stop on the Great Wheel. It should be a fun, and enlightening, test though!

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